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Another day, another Thinkpad

In the last post I only got around to working with one of the two Thinkpads I got. Here is a follow up of sorts.

After I got my 600x Thinkpad up and running, I wanted to tackle the issue that remained with the other one, the i Series 1400 (2611) Thinkpad. It lost the screen backlight and I suspected a broken inverter.

My friend hooked me up with a nice repair place, where the technician told me that I was correct. However, seeing as how the inverter was old and complex, there wasn't some easy fix or replacement available. I've tried researching but couldn't find the part in the wild. I even asked the thinkpads.com forum, but all I ended up with was a model name and a manual to the laptop. I did find some retailers, but their shipping fees were ludicrous.

Defeated, I went back home, but not before picking up a few cables and another laptop to tinker with for the week. I got lucky enough to get another Thinkpad (I have 5 at this point), a T41. Admittedly, I still don't know much about Thinkpads, so I thought this one might have better hardware than my T30. As it turns out, though, its about the same, plus the installed processor does not support PAE.

I didn't want to bother with picking a Linux distro for this, since I've already had enough Linux adventures recently, so I thought I'd try out Windows 7. This came with Windows XP originally, and the last supported drivers seemed to be for Windows Vista. However, I skipped following a forum tutorial, and just used a driver utility to get all the drivers I needed.

Surprisingly though, this laptop is quite zippy. Even with the mostly default drivers it runs pretty well. This may be due to the fact that I shoved 2 gigs of RAM into it beforehand though. I do want to try out Windows 10 on this, and also to try dual-booting Linux as well. Maybe I could even upgrade the processor some day.

The keyboard stickers definitely have to go, whoever stuck them on did a poor job, and they're very worn out. The power port is also old and wobbly and a replacement is already on it's way. I also got a screw stuck in one of the holes, oops. One more thing that makes me go insane is that the Fn key is placed in the bottom right corner before Ctrl, instead of after it, and I end up with a lot of unsaved text when I close things.

Update: I've replaced the charger port with the new one, changed the thermal paste and cleaned up the keyboard keys. Oh and I dug out my old Kodak, so here, have some images:

Thank you for reading! This article has somewhat chunky paragraphs and a bit more detail but I hope it was still interesting.