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Not a MacBook

Hey, check it out, I got myself an Apple laptop! Here's what I think about it.

Still being sour from failing to repair my Power Mac G4 that I bought used, I was keeping an eye out for any Apple computers on my favorite classifieds site, when I found someone selling an iBook G4.

I don't know much about Apple computers but this person was taking "any offers" and had a charger and a spare battery in addition to the laptop, so I offered them 24$ and they agreed.

A day after that I picked the thing up at the post office. The lid was crooked (and still is) when its closed and the charger is bootleg, but otherwise its in great condition and I really can't complain about having 2 working batteries for a 16 year old laptop.

At home I gave it a wipe with the lens cleaning fluid and installed an additional 256MB RAM stick. After that I resetup MacOS and got to setting up my environment.

One thing I always do on any laptop I get is set up a few programs: a browser, a code editor and sometimes if I can, I also set up Photoshop and some office suite.

While the latest available Safari is helplessly behind the current web standards, TenFourFox 7450 works flawlessly even with modern websites.

Photoshop CS2 and OpenOffice 4.0.1 worked just fine as well. The laptop itself is quite slow, though I will try to bump it's RAM up to 1.5G sometime to see if that does anything.

The keyboard is nothing to write home about, and I very often end up hitting the wrong keys, not just because of the weird layout but also because the keys feel gummy and strange. The layout is probably German seeing as how there are a few weird symbols around. The previous owner added some ugly black localization stickers which I will be removing soon.

That said this is still a usable machine, and although you won't be able to enjoy YouTube, you can still do most of the normal work or studies you'd do on any other budget laptop. Im editing this very page from that laptop right now! Not to mention for me personally its a nice collector's piece.

Anyway, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed, I have some other weird machines I want to go through sometime on the site. If you have any suggestions, let me know!