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Hey look!

Its another catch up post! Who would've thought.

So I've forgot to make any posts again. Sorry about that. In my defense, I've been distracted hanging out over on Nertivia. Its a cute little chat client that I found in the Electron Apps directory, and the creator is super nice and chatty. I suggest you check it out! I even have a server for legacy hardware called Retroware.

Other than that, I also got some new hardware, again. This time I found 2 iPods in alright condition for 8 dollars. One is an iPod Touch 1G, and the other is an iPod Nano 1G. The Touch needs the jack replaced, and the Nano needs the battery replaced, but otherwise both look great.

In addition to that, my Thinkpad collection keeps growing. One of the stores I frequent had a T20 and a T23 for sale, both for 10$. I couldn't pass it up. Yes, they're moldy. Yes they're missing parts. But wheres the fun in buying pristine electronics? Repair and restoration are my main interests in this regard.

As for existing Thinkpads, I've repainted the palmrest on my Thinkpad x600. Its the first time I actually put effort into spray painting, so much so I ran out of my old paint. Which wasn't an issue since I planned to order plasti-dip anyway, to mimic that soft-touch coating IBM put on their laptops. All in all, it came out okay. There are cracks and streaks here and there, but that is the plastic's fault, since it was already bent, discolored and cracked.

And lastly, in the hardware department, I've also picked up a dead JVC videomovie GR-AX46 CVHS camcorder to pick apart and discover. Didn't really plan to fix it, since I dont even have the battery for it, nor do I have Compact VHS to record anything onto, but I thought it would be fun to take it apart and see how it works, which I'm yet to do.

As for the more traditional forms of art, I've been listening to some music and got hopelessly addicted to 2 recent albums: Kublai Khan TX's Absolute, and Lock & Key's Death Measure. I just adore the energy behind these, and they are just so nice to listen to.

I've also tried some digital art. My all time favorite drawing program is Pixly for Android. Its more of a pixel art editor, but I just enjoy freehanding or rather freefingering (is that a word?) lines on bigger canvases.

The plans for the next week are to pick up the parts I need for my "new" iPods and Thinkpads and to repair the Windows98 installation that I accidentally bricked on the 600x.

Anyway, I hope this article was interesting, thanks for reading!