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Catching up

Phew, I barely made any posts this week. I guess I didn't really have anything major to write about in a single article, so why not make a big one describing some of the interesting things that happened?

So that is exactly what I am going to do. Bet you totally expected that.

The week started off with me buying a new machine. Its a cute little Toshiba laptop! Its in a wonderful condition visually, the only things are that the top lid is missing a contrast wheel, the closing latch and the plastic is stained in a few places. It turns on, though the HDD seems dead or missing and the FDD makes an ungodly noise but I'm yet to take it apart.

I also bought myself some old Samsung camcoder from 2007. The video quality is meh, although the stabilization feature and the mic quality are unparalleled to anything I've ever held in my hands. It also has a touch screen, though the side panel just flaps about in the wind since the spring seems to be broken. It even has a CD burner built in, imagine that!

In other news, I gave some random kid a laptop. I often resell dead electronics I can't repair, and I was messaged by someone asking if I could give it to them for free. The kid said he needs it for school and didn't ask me for some mad gamer rig, so I went out and got him a nice 20$ laptop, set it up with Windows 10, Office, Photoshop and a few games and mailed it to him. He was pretty happy and it felt nice, I should give laptops to people more often.

I also had internet trouble, so gran called the sysadmins to come over. It must've felt weird to come into a room full of hardware to 'fix' the internet for someone. The guys probably felt like we were trolling them. But they recapped the cable and the internet works well now so thats all good.

On Wednesday I went to pick up my mom's package from the mail. She bought herself some dumbells and I kinda forgot that those things are heavy. So I ended up trying to carry home some 80 or so pounds I think. I had to make 13 stops before I limped back home which wasn't that far and now everything stings. Don't do that if you ever planned to, I can barely lift my hands.

Yesterday I spent the entire evening stripping paint from a piece of my Thinkpad 600x. It had a sizeably large spot on the palmrest where the paint came off, so I figured I'd just repaint the entire piece. I tried working it with the knife, but since I sharpened it, it just shaved the plastic off, so I decided to use a wire bit for my drill to polish the paint off. That worked, but I ran out of paint covering the thing again so now I'm waiting for more to arrive.

And that is pretty much all I can think off. Nothing really remarkable by itself, but overall an interesting week. I'm sure as hell looking forward to taking apart that Toshiba laptop. I missed out on a couple insane deals earlier, so I'm still a bit sour. Hopefully I don't break anything going in.

Anyway, thank you for reading! I hope this article was interesting enough.