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Hey, look, more site updates!

I thought I'd shake things up a bit, since I was feeling a little bored just posting tutorials. I figured if I keep it up I will run out of tutorials to make (This is unlikely though).

I also wanted to try out my own tab script and stretch it's possibilites. Don't wanna toot my own horn but I really like this script.

Also I wanted to post about my old computers. I have amassed a bit of a collection and I figured it would be a shame if I kept everything to myself. There may be some people out there who would appreciate a tip on how to force Windows XP onto a laptop that doesn't want it.

And I also thought it would be a good mental excercise to diversify my posts. I lose my focus very quickly and if I try to force myself to do the same thing over and over, I burn out very quickly.

As always, thank you for reading! I'll keep posting tutorials, so don't worry, nothing much has changed.