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Whoa, really?

Sorry about being gone for a whole, I was just feeling a bit blue recently. There was also nothing much to write about, so I guess it all piled together into one big not-doing-anything-thing. Phew.

Even though there wasn't anything that remarkable, there were a few things that I could mention in the post.

For instance, I finally fixed up one of my older machines. It was my first desktop that I built from parts all by myself 3 or so years ago. Maybe even more. I ordered all the parts online separately and put it all together over several months. One day it just stopped booting and I couldn't figure out why until now. Turns out one of the memory sticks has gone bad. I swear I checked them thoroughly multiple times, but at least it starts up now. I may do an in-depth post about it later if I can pull myself together.

I also found an original iPad Mini for sale for 20$. Turns out the seller made an error and sold me a 16G one instead of a 32G one, and it ended up needing a service fee from a repair place, totalling me at around 70$. The latest iOS it can run is 9.3.5, and most all apps are not supported, but its still alright for basic browsing, book reading and whatnot.

During that time I also gave away another laptop, this time to my grandma's brother. He was running some old Extensa with 512MB of ram, and I had just gotten myself an interesting, although a bit disappointing Fujitsu, so I thought that instead of dwelling on the fact that I couldn't put Linux on it, I'd just set it up with Windows and give it to someone who needs it. I will also be giving away another one very soon. My grandma said her acquaintance has a kid with special needs and he has no entertainment, since theyre a bit strapped for cash, so I really wouldn't mind setting them up with a laptop.

I got myself in a bit of a personal trouble, nothing to write home about, but it did make me feel rather soggy these last couple of weeks, but other than that, everything has been pretty alright. I'm planning to pick up the pace and get through a whole pile of some broken machines that should be very interesting to write about and also try out some more things. I do like drawing, so maybe I'll do some more of that.

Thanks for reading! I hope this article was interesting, and keep your spirits up.