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And I am back for another post! A fairly small update for those interested, but I have to share some observations I made so here goes.

So around December I have lost my full-time job that I've held for about 2 years. All that was during a very bad case of depression and it took a lot of effort and therapy to get through all that has piled up all at once in a matter of a few days but I did it.

After the initial shock I was left skirting on the tailend of my small severance check and had to borrow quite a bit from my family to meet rent and food. While unemployed I was looking for different opportunities and a few came along but none substantial enough to help me pay my bills.

But very recently, about a month ago I have managed to score an interview at an awesome company thanks in part to my experience from my previous job. I didn't even realize it but apparently I have become a middle dev! Yippee! And literally within the same 2 days I have gotten another job offer which was too good to decline. Luckily I managed to fit both jobs into my schedule, and now I work 7 days a week.

That would sound horrifying to my younger self but after a few weeks had passed, I can really say its way less tough and scary than it sounds. I even find time to do some part time work and work on my own stuff (I am making a visual novel that I hope to share with you someday!). And having 2 paychecks of about equal size is also very nice! I managed to pay off all my debts in a single go and within the next month or two I will have enough to guarantee myself a comfortable 5 or so months of living in case something like Doomcember (thats what I am gonna call it now) happens again.

All an all, I am a bit tired but very relieved and very happy. I am also super glad I managed to avoid becoming an alcoholic and even though I love to chug a few beers whenever I can, I can confidently say that I am not addicted. Today is a good day!

As for other things that have been going on I have picked up a couple languages on Duolingo and open sourced my image viewing app. Small steps toward something more interesting! I wish anyone who reads this a good day and I believe in you! You can do anything you amount to, and even if you fail, you can always stand up and give it a go again! You got this!

Thank you for reading! I hope this article was interesting enough.